Jan 062012

Progress seemed fitful in a month shortened by the MRD launch event and seasonal festivities. There was a lot of talking, and from a personal perspective it was interesting to have to curb my tendancy to want to build something, and try instead to sift through the many voices and conversations to identify profitable ways forward for #rdtk_herts. Continue reading »

Dec 052011

Following on from Neil Beagrie’s session on cost and benefit analysis of RDM we moved on to a Thematic session on the business case for RDM, led by presentations from June Finch (University of Manchester, MaDAM and MiSS Projects) and James Wilson (University of Oxford, Sudamih, VIDaaS and DaMaRO Projects).

June gave us an account of strategies in the MaDAM project which were used to prepare a business case for development to service, and which are being pursued in MiSS; whilst James focused on the effort to identify efficiency benefits and cost savings in Sudamih, necessary to the launch of VIDaaS).

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Dec 042011

A list of those projects who were represented at this breakout group, for reference.  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone!

ADMIRe (A Data Management Infrastructure for Research), University of Nottingham

Iridium, University of Newcastle

Leeds RoaDMaP, University of Leeds

Research360, University of Bath

Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management, University of Hertfordshire

DaMaRO (Data Management Rollout for Oxford), University of Oxford

DataPool, University of Southampton

MiSS (MaDAM into Sustainable Service), University of Manchester

Open Exeter, University of Exeter

Dec 032011

The breakout group for projects with a biomedical/health interest had representation from all strands of  the new programme and was included Stelios Alexandrakis & Anthony Thomas, University College London (Data Management Planning for Secure Services); Amanda Conway & Jennifer Crossley, University of the West of England (Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences); Michael Soljak, Imperial College London (Rapid Organisation of Health Research Data (ROHRD) Phase 1); Lindsay Wood, Newcastle University (Iridium); Bill Worthington, University of Hertfordshire (Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management);  and Jonathan Tedds, University of Leicester (BRISSkit), who took the chair.

After introductions, Jonathan posed the question: ‘what are the common issues facing the group?’. The conversations that followed went through several phases and moved back and forth through themes that have become familiar from my recent travels in the MRD bubble. This post attempts to gather the discussion and straighten the meander:

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Nov 302011

Work package WP1 – Audit current RDM practice at University of Hertfordshire

Cardio and DAF : We have agreed a plan with Andrew McHugh of the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) to carry out a Cardio Assessment with key UH stakeholders, followed by a Data Asset Framework (DAF) exercise with one of our large research groups in Health and Human Sciences.  Working with the Andrew will hopefully allow us to equip our own staff to deploy DCC tools and methods in the future, whilst conducting an effective audit in the present. The DCC have match funding, so project money spent with them is doubled up and looks like good value.  The micro plan for the Cardio deployment is this:

  • engage stakeholders (November, #rdtk_herts project team)
  • introduction workshop, in which DCC introduce the audit methodology (December, All stakeholders, DCC led, 1hour)
  • individual RDM assessments using the DCC’s online Cardio assessment tool (December/January, All stakeholders, at their convenience)
  • aggregate and analyse results (January, DCC)
  • feedback workshop (January, All stakeholders, DCC led, 1-2 hour)

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Nov 232011

UPDATED Jan 2012. The poster has been finessed a little for use in internal marketing of the project. 


Our poster for the JISC Managing Research Data Programme launch meeting at Nottingham has gone to print.

We have taken a fairly minimalist approach, choosing to visualise technology, methodology, outcome and impacts with simple graphics rather than attempt to regurgitate the detail of our project plan.

The aim is to stimulate discussion rather than convey detail at this early stage of the project cycle.

For those that are interested, it was made with Photoshop CS4 on OSX.

Click the image for a larger view. Also available in PDF.

Nov 042011

Work package WP1 – Audit current RDM practice at University of Hertfordshire

We have had preliminary discussions with Principal Investigators and Research Group leaders in Health and Human Sciences; Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics; and History.

These discussions led to the Co-investigators for the project being identified and the first steps to collaboration being undertaken. Some early requirements for pilot services were revealed. Researchers from Health and Human Sciences have suggested three distinct research projects, covering a range of interventions at the beginning, middle, and end of the project lifecycle. This is encouraging for a good start to work packages WP2 & WP3. Continue reading »

Oct 072011

The Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management project is jointly funded by the University of Hertfordshire and JISC and will run from October 2011 to the end of March 2013.

The project will deliver a toolkit for researchers, which will define a number of services that can be used for good practice data and document management solutions throughout the lifecycle of a research project. The toolkit will include advice and guidance on:

  • Data management planning
  • Data management requirements of funding bodies
  • Data protection and IPR
  • Data storage, retrieval and sharing options that are cost-effective and offer on-demand services
  • Management of project documentation
  • Publication of datasets
  • Data retention and archiving

In addition it will also deliver a number of technology demonstrators for local, private cloud and public cloud IT systems to support Research Data Management.

The project will support the JISC strategy for a more dynamic and effective research environment as well as contributing to the achievement of the University of Hertfordshire’s key aspirations for the quality of our research.