Dec 032011

The breakout group for projects with a biomedical/health interest had representation from all strands of  the new programme and was included Stelios Alexandrakis & Anthony Thomas, University College London (Data Management Planning for Secure Services); Amanda Conway & Jennifer Crossley, University of the West of England (Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences); Michael Soljak, Imperial College London […]

Nov 302011

Work package WP1 – Audit current RDM practice at University of Hertfordshire Cardio and DAF : We have agreed a plan with Andrew McHugh of the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) to carry out a Cardio Assessment with key UH stakeholders, followed by a Data Asset Framework (DAF) exercise with one of our large research groups in […]

Nov 232011

UPDATED Jan 2012. The poster has been finessed a little for use in internal marketing of the project.    Our poster for the JISC Managing Research Data Programme launch meeting at Nottingham has gone to print. We have taken a fairly minimalist approach, choosing to visualise technology, methodology, outcome and impacts with simple graphics rather […]

Nov 152011

After five days of workshops, break out sessions, seminars and groups tasks at RDMF7 and DCC Roadshow Cambridge, this JISC project manager is now well versed in the language and lore of Research Data Management (RDM). As is often the case with these kind of events, you come away with more questions than answers, and […]

Nov 042011

Work package WP1 – Audit current RDM practice at University of Hertfordshire We have had preliminary discussions with Principal Investigators and Research Group leaders in Health and Human Sciences; Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics; and History. These discussions led to the Co-investigators for the project being identified and the first steps to collaboration being undertaken. Some […]

Oct 102011

University of Hertfordshire published new policy and guidelines for staff with regard to Data Management on September 1, 2011. Most of the policy and its appendices are available publicly on the University’s Policy and Regulation web site under Data Management Policy. Since this is a regulatory document, the language is ‘quasi-legal’, full of cross references to other policy, and […]