Aug 142012

The University of Hertfordshire’s Research Data Management activity is being extended after a successful bid to Strand E (Research Data Management Training) of  JISC Managing Research Data Programme 2011-13. In a one year project, Research Data Management Training for the whole project lifecycle in Physics & Astronomy research (RDMTPA), the University will develop Research Data Management (RDM) training materials […]

Jun 272012

Electronic Document and Records Management systems (EDRMS) have the potential to answer the needs of some Research Data Management scenarios. EDRMS offer file sharing, file versioning, flexible access control, and retention, preservation and discovery services (albeit most often in a closed environment). In the case where a project’s data is bound up in everyday office formats, and […]

Jun 222012

RDM Audit Work package WP1 – RDM Audit  is about assessment of RDM practices at UH in order to identify the gaps, requirements and to transfer knowledge from experienced RDM practitioners to all staff holding valuable data. We are  employing two methods to carry out the audit: DAF survey and interviews. DAF survey: we have carried out a […]

May 232012

Atira PURE is a current research information system (CRIS) that has been adopted by around 20 UK HEIs. The UK PURE user group works closely with Atira to defined requirements and maintain a unified data model across all UK implementations. The user group met last week at The University of Aberdeen and was represented by several […]

May 232012

The UH Research Data Assets Survey has been launched and is planned to run until mid-June. The survey can be found at All research activity generates data in some form, even it you don’t recognise it as such. Valuable data is often found in unstructured, every day office formats, embedded in your working papers. It is […]

May 042012

The second project Steering Group meeting took place on 30th March with Professor John Senior, Pro Vice -Chancellor (Research) in the chair.  The meeting considered and approved  Terms of Reference for the Stakeholder Group, and a 6 month progress report. Some re-scheduling of work packages and modifications to the risk register were also approved. The meeting papers are […]

Apr 042012

The first project Steering Group meeting took place on 9th December with Professor John Senior, Pro Vice -Chancellor (Research) in the chair.  The meeting approved the RTDK project plan and considered terms of reference and a risk register. The meeting papers are attached below: Agenda Steering Group Terms of Reference (paper 4.1) Project Plan v1 (paper 5.1) Project Plan, Appendix […]

Mar 152012

Being a person of dubious recall I thought it best to reflect on the JISC MRD and DCC Workshop: Developing Institutional Research Data Management Policies as soon as possible. I thought the use of Chatham House Rule throughout the event enabled full and franker discussions than can be the case in open forums and contributed to greater sense […]

Feb 152012

It was back to serious business in January with lots of activity in engagement, service development, and recruitment. All these strands took off at once in mid-month leaving me struggling to keep up, but it was good to see progress across all active work packages. Work package WP1 – Audit current RDM practice at University […]

Feb 072012

The 2012 season of Information Hertfordshire Lunchtime Presentations got underway with with a session about Research Data Management. There was some thoughtful debate which I will post here soon.     My recollection and reflection on the post presentation discussion are given in a comment below. The presentation on the Service Oriented Toolkit for Research […]

Feb 022012

University of Hertfordshire’s Data Management Policy, updated in 2011, contains several documents and appendices which govern how data in general, and research data in particular, should be gathered, used, disposed of, or retained. There is a section dedicated to research data in the Main policy document and an Appendix to support it. In a nutshell, […]

Jan 222012

Research DataToolKit Guidance for Researchers University of Hertfordshire internal use only. Draft version 0.1.  How do I access my networked shared storage? All staff have a personal area (U:drive) and departmental shared area (S:drive). If you are using a Windows machine on the staff network with the Novell client, your U: and S: drives should […]

Jan 202012

A rigorous Data Management Plan (DMP) is becoming an increasingly important device for any research project. It is hard to think of any activity than does not result in data in its broadest sense, and funding bodies are rapidly moving to a position where all grant applications will require a DMP. In addition, University of Hertfordshire’s Data […]

Jan 182012

On the face of it, the data storage needs of researchers at University of Hertfordshire are generally well provided for within our ‘local cloud’. The case for this statement is as follows: all staff have a personal allocation of secure, robust, networked storage, accessible on and off campus (U:drive) all staff have access to similar […]

Jan 062012

This light-hearted yet deadly serious quiz is offered in response to Simon Hodson’s post about Bad RDM Practice. Results as of mid-February:  a statistically insignificant three way tie! Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage life continued blissfully unaware of a near miss 3 Votes(33%) the research data in the laptop and backup portable disk were both destroyed […]

Jan 062012

Progress seemed fitful in a month shortened by the MRD launch event and seasonal festivities. There was a lot of talking, and from a personal perspective it was interesting to have to curb my tendancy to want to build something, and try instead to sift through the many voices and conversations to identify profitable ways […]

Dec 052011

Following on from Neil Beagrie’s session on cost and benefit analysis of RDM we moved on to a Thematic session on the business case for RDM, led by presentations from June Finch (University of Manchester, MaDAM and MiSS Projects) and James Wilson (University of Oxford, Sudamih, VIDaaS and DaMaRO Projects). June gave us an account of […]

Dec 042011

A list of those projects who were represented at this breakout group, for reference.  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone! ADMIRe (A Data Management Infrastructure for Research), University of Nottingham Iridium, University of Newcastle Leeds RoaDMaP, University of Leeds Research360, University of Bath Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management, University of Hertfordshire DaMaRO (Data Management […]