Jun 212013

The Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management (RDTK) project and the Research Data Management Training in Physics and Astronomy  (RDMTPA) projects were co-funded by the JISC Managing Research Data Programme 2011-2013 and The University of Hertfordshire.

Our draft final reports are available below. Both reports have been through one iteration and found to be largely fit for purpose by our Steering Group. There will be gremlins, but they can be made available for comment now.  The final versions will appear here in due course.

RDTK final report v05 (updated June 2014)

RDMTPA final report v04 (updated June 2014)

We owe thanks to all the participants of JISCMRD phase 2 who shared their experience and knowledge in a truly collaborative effort. This shared  experience and the Digital Asset Framework survey results published by several projects show close commonality, so we believe the learning delivered in these reports, which we think is considerable, we be applicable and of use across the sector.

My thanks go to everyone involved in UH RDM project team, who worked with commitment and humour in the face of occasional chaos. To save data 😉 I am not going to name them here. You will find them scattered throughout the project’s blog posts. It was a privilege and an education to lead them.

We welcome feedback from JISCMRD colleagues or questions from newcomers to the field, and trust both can benefit from something they find in our project outputs.