Nov 042011

Work package WP1 – Audit current RDM practice at University of Hertfordshire

We have had preliminary discussions with Principal Investigators and Research Group leaders in Health and Human Sciences; Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics; and History.

These discussions led to the Co-investigators for the project being identified and the first steps to collaboration being undertaken. Some early requirements for pilot services were revealed. Researchers from Health and Human Sciences have suggested three distinct research projects, covering a range of interventions at the beginning, middle, and end of the project lifecycle. This is encouraging for a good start to work packages WP2 & WP3.

A planned partnership with the Digital Curation Centre to deploy the Digital Audit Framework in work package WP1, and, for project wide evaluation, was confirmed.

WP2 & WP3 – Pilot services

The project has started using UH’s Electronic Document & Records Management system (ERDM – Livelink from OpenText) to keep an authoritative copy of its documentation. This is as a precursor to working with ERDM in work package WP3.

Initial discussions with HRC Computing Consortium (HRC3) with regard to cloud services have taken place. These included:

  • Primary storage, Backup, MS Sharepoint document management and Mysql database as a service;
  • standards accreditation and security/regulatory issues;
  • indicative raw data storage costs (these were very competitive compared with known local costs).

HRC3’s Thor data centre is located in Iceland and has strong environmental credentials. There have been interesting recent articles about the datacentre and one of its competitors.

WP11 – JISC Managing Research Data (MRD) programme activity

University of Hertfordshire’s data policy, including research data management was contributed to DCC’s Institutional Data Policies resource, and cited in a JISC online event: Meeting the research data challenge.

Bill Worthington, Project Manager, participated in the seventh Digital Curation Centre (DCC) / Research Information Network (RIN) Research Data Management Forum at Warwick University. Entitled ‘Incentivising Data Management and Sharing’ the 2-day forum provided a lively and instructive introduction to the Research Data Management circuit. There was a good mix of policy makers and funding bodies such as NERC and EPSRC; established facilitators, such as DCC; and practitioners in form of new and existing MRD project managers.

WP12 – Project Management

Deliverable D2 – the project website, was set up and released on 14 October. The site is built using WordPress. It will be used jointly to disseminate the project’s documentation and deliverables, and as the delivery point for the Research Data Toolkit of guidance and services, as this develops.

Deliverable D1 was delivered to the JISC on 4 November. This consists of a detailed project plan and supporting appendices of work package descriptions and finances. The plan will be published on this site when it has been signed off by the JISC.

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  1. Thanks for this update. WRT the Cloud solution, I think it would also be worthwhile talking to John Milner and the JANET Cloud Brokerage; and to Andy Powell of Eduserv. I shall alert them also.