Oct 072011

The Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management project is jointly funded by the University of Hertfordshire and JISC and will run from October 2011 to the end of March 2013.

The project will deliver a toolkit for researchers, which will define a number of services that can be used for good practice data and document management solutions throughout the lifecycle of a research project. The toolkit will include advice and guidance on:

  • Data management planning
  • Data management requirements of funding bodies
  • Data protection and IPR
  • Data storage, retrieval and sharing options that are cost-effective and offer on-demand services
  • Management of project documentation
  • Publication of datasets
  • Data retention and archiving

In addition it will also deliver a number of technology demonstrators for local, private cloud and public cloud IT systems to support Research Data Management.

The project will support the JISC strategy for a more dynamic and effective research environment as well as contributing to the achievement of the University of Hertfordshire’s key aspirations for the quality of our research.