Jun 052014

The Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management project was co-funded by the JISC Managing Research Data Programme 2011-2013 and The University of Hertfordshire. The project focused on the realisation of practical benefits for operationalising an institutional approach to good practice in RDM. The objectives of the project were to audit current best practice, develop […]

May 202014

Research Data Management Training for the whole project lifecycle in Physics & Astronomy was co-funded by the JISC Managing Research Data Programme 2011-2013 and the University of Hertfordshire. The project was carried out in parallel with other JISCMRD work at University of Hertfordshire and collaborated with researchers in Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR) and the Centre […]

Jul 092013

At the 2013 National Astronomy Meeting in St Andrews, I presented a review of the UHRA the University of Hertfordshire Research Archive including the plans to preserve data in very long term cloud storage managed by Arkivum.  I also described the recent discovery of photographs depicting the development of the Bayfordbury observatory, and how these […]

Jul 092013

One of the results of the DAF at UH showed that researchers were open to training materials as long as they’re not long-winded or too generic.  However, the results of my interviews in Science and Technology, and interviews in the other research institutes by our champions, show that the best practice for looking after working […]

Jul 092013

We planned to produce discipline specific examples DMPs for our researchers.  However, as we prepared our best practice advice we learnt how many of the DMP answers for the working data stages are similar throughout the university in respective of the subject, and that the main differences are in the funding-body requirements for archiving and […]

Jul 092013

We are not the first institute to produce a website of advice for our researchers, and we wont be the last.  We already have in place the UH public website and two intranet resources; studynet, where students and staff communicate about courses and where information about research is available, and staffnet, which gives information on […]

Jun 212013

The Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management (RDTK) project and the Research Data Management Training in Physics and Astronomy  (RDMTPA) projects were co-funded by the JISC Managing Research Data Programme 2011-2013 and The University of Hertfordshire. Our draft final reports are available below. Both reports have been through one iteration and found to be largely fit […]

Jun 042013

This is a follow up to my blog post The cost of a bit of a DDUD which examined the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a network attached storage device operated by a research group. The TCO in that case included a malfunction and repair but no data loss. In this post we go […]

May 102013

In between procrastinating over final reports and filling in odd gaps in our new RDM advice, we are preparing some material on the cost of a data loss event. This will arrive in due course, but I thought it would be useful to precede it with a consideration of the cost of simply owning a […]

Apr 042013

We have built an installation of ZendTo, which is an opensource system for transferring large files over the web written by Julian Field from University of Southampton, and used at Southampton, Essex and Imperial College. See http://fileexchange.herts.ac.uk/ The requirement for this system came from researchers who were trying to use email to move files larger than about 10MB, resulting […]

Apr 042013

In Work Package 6 – Review data protection, IPR and licensing issues we have undertaken a thorough review of the licences commonly used for ‘open’ access to research information. The review takes in Creative Commons, Open Data Commons, Open Government License, UK Data Archive licence and others. Considerations of when to use each license and ‘what to […]

Apr 042013

In WorkPackage3 – Document Management Pilot we have scanned and loaded legacy documents into an electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) for clinical work carried out by the Centre for Lifespan and Chronic Illness Research (CLiCIR). This has been a very successful piece in terms of the engagement it has promoted throughout our health related research community, and has […]

Oct 222012

One year in! Time flies when you are having fun, or trying to pin the tail on a donkey which at times is how it feels to be a JISCMRD project manager. This isn’t a complaint, it is a stimulating and worthwhile endeavour, and I think programme is working well at UH. The Research Data ToolKit, even […]

Oct 192012

Attached to the University of Hertfordshire’s Data Policy is a handy DOs and DON’Ts guide to handling Personal and Confidential Information (PCI). Research data often falls under the definition of PCI, because it is ethically sensitive or has commercial value to the University or a sponsor.  It probably won’t be a surprise to anyone engaged […]

Oct 172012

The hybrid cloud approach is being adopted in many organisations, particularly where high quality local infrastructure is in place and is likely to remain useful for a period of years but needs extending or migrating. In these cases the cloud offers expansion of local facilities and a gradual route to full migration. The cloud element […]

Oct 152012

Call for interest in a DOIs for Datasets workshop. Overshadowed by the subsequent trading of blows over the colour of Open Access, RCUK’s policy toward open data became more explicit in their announcement on July 16. “and a statement on how the underlying research materials such as data, samples or models can be accessed” Not […]

Aug 202012

An audit of research data holdings within University of Hertfordshire was conducted in the period May to July 2012. The online survey  (described in more detail here) was circulated to around 600 research staff first via their regular monthly newsletter, with follow up reminders sent by our information managers to schools and research centres, as well […]